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Super Smash Bros Universe

Assist Trofy

= Hammer bros (Mario) : Jump and throw hammer.
= Wart (Mario) : Spit out bubble to trap opponents.
= Phantom Ganon (Zelda) : Throw some dark energy ball forward.
= Tingle (Zelda) : Make 4 random items appear around him.
= Vaati (Zelda) : Other player are now little.
= Pikmin ship (Pikmin) : Pikmin drop out from their ship and hit all the victims.
= Slyppi (Fox) : Call airwings to bombard foe.
= Knuckles Joe (Kirby) : Punch player and finish with a powerfull upercut.
= Crunch bandicoot (Crash) : Dash forward and hit with metal fist any player on his path, almost instant KO.
= Big Face (Oddworld) : Protect you from projectiles, explosions and smash attack.
= Dragon councils (Spyro) : Dragon fly over the battlefield and spit out ball of fire.
= Gray fox (Metal Gear Solid) : Invisible, hurt player with his sword.
= Protoman (Megaman) : Grab one player and hit him multiple time with sword.
= Amy Rose (Sonic) : Walk on the stage and "hammer" any character that encounter her.
= Master hand (Smash) : Goes in back ground and dash in "fist form" in the foreground.
= Primid (Smash) : Appear in group of 5, other players need to kill them all before attack you.
= Tabuu (Smash) : Release a powerfull wave, instant KO if not dodged, It can also kill the summomer.
SSBU assit trofy list!
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July 3, 2008
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